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Identity CARD

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I am an Arab,

And my identity card is number,

fifty thousand,

I have eight children,

And the ninth is coming after a


Will you be angry?

I am an Arab
Employed with fellow workers at
a quarry
I have eight children
I get them bread
Garments and books
from the rocks . . .
I do not supplicate for charity at
your doors
Nor do I belittle myself
at the footsteps of your chamber
So will you be angry?
I am an Arab
I have a name without a title
Patient in a country where people are enraged
My roots
Were entrenched before the
birth of of time
And before the opening of the
Before the pines, and the olive
And before the grass grew.
My father . . .
descends from the familiy of the plough
not from the privileged class
And my grandfather . . . was a
Neither well-bred, nor well-born!
Teaches me the pride of the sun
Before teaching me how to read
And my house
is like a watchman\’s hut
Made of branches and cane
Are you satisfide with my status?
I have a name without a title!
I am an Arab
You have stolen the orchrds
of my ancestors
And the land
which I cultivated
Along with my childeren
And you left nothing for us
Expect for these rocks . . .
So will the State take them
As it has been said?!
Record on the top of the first
I do not hate people
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper\’s flesh will be my
Beware . . .
Beware . . .
Of my hunger
And my Anger!
Mahmoud Darwish