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Migrant Camps - BBC Panorama

Coronavirus Crisis: Europe’s Migrant Camps – BBC Panorama

BBCPanorama Panorama investigates conditions inside Greek migrant camps, locked down as coronavirus spread across the world. Refugees and migrants filming on mobile phones reveal how…
How cities drive climate change
Middle East

Assad or Nobody: From the seizure of power to the appropriation of society: the Syrian conflict in the context of the history of Ba’ath Party rule.

By: Yassin Al Haj Saleh April 2019 For most people in the West well into the 2000s, Syria was either an unknown, a rogue state,…

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Eutopia concentrates on a variety of political and cultural issues, including the dialog between the Middle East and the West and developments linked to multiculturalism and the Muslim community in Europe. Its global perspective is crucial.

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