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Eutopia is a Multimedia Magazine of Ideas. Eutopia is an independent nonprofit organization. Our mission is simple: to increase the level of public discourse about the politics, policy, and ideas that define our times.

Your contribution directly funds investigative journalism, essays, comments, and opinions on our website and our multimedia event. The Eutopia website is freely accessible to have the broadest possible impact all over the world.
Most importantly, the website allows our editors the freedom to go beyond the types and hysteria that are so common in the media today, focusing instead on ideas that matter.

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Farhad Golyardi

Farhad Golyardi

Farhad Golyardi is a sociologist, researcher, and editor of Eutopia Institute, a transnational gathering place of thinkers and writers whose research interests include the Middle East, Populism, social movements, and cultural diversity.