A Conversation – Revolution & Disenchantment with Prof. Fadi Bardawil

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This conversation covered the recently published book, “Revolution and Disenchantment: Arab Marxism and the Binds of Emancipation,” (Duke U. Press 2020) by Fadi Bardawil (AMES, Duke).

Discussants that participated included: Joan Scott (School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study), Yasmeen Diafallah (Politics, UC Santa Cruz), Gary Wilder (Anthropology, CUNY) and was chaired by Cemil Aydin (History, UNC)… Fadi A. Bardawil, an anthropologist by training, is assistant professor of contemporary Arab cultures in the Department of Asian Studies and Middle East Studies at Duke University.

His research investigates the international circulation of critical theory, the genealogies of post-colonial critique, and the traditions of intellectual inquiry and modalities of political engagement of contemporary Arab thinkers. His writings have appeared in boundary 2; Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East; The Journal for Palestine Studies (Arabic edition); Jadaliyya; al-Jumhuriya; The Immanent Frame; Kulturaustausch; Megaphone; and South Atlantic Quarterly. He was a member of the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago (2011-4) and the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (2016-2017).