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“Five Broken Cameras”

By Monday 25 August 2014 No Comments


“Five Broken Cameras” nominated to the Oscars 2013, but will the Oscars help to bring this film to Israeli youth.
“Five Broken Cameras” is the engaging story of Palestinian cameraman, Emad Burnat, who documented 6 years of the Non-violent movement in his village, Bil’in. This impressive movement joined by international and Israeli peace activists and solidarity movements became a symbol and a model for a positive resistance to create political change in the region. This intimate and powerful film, shot by Emad himself and co-directed and written by Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi had an outstanding international and Israeli reception. Nevertheless like many films that deals with the subject, it will not be included in the cultural program of the educational ministry.

It seems that only an Oscar might be enough to push the film into the 2013 cultural program in schools. Despite the challenge, we are creating a campaign to put pressure on the Israeli ministry to accept “Five Broken Cameras” into the 2013 program; furthermore, we have created our own alternative plan to raise awareness among teachers and organize screenings in schools and youth-centers outside the formal program.

With your support we will be able to bring “Five Broken Cameras” to Israeli youths, because from this generation, which in just a few years will serve in the obligatory military service, meaningful political change can arise.

Support our campaign here: www.indiegogo.com/5bcyouth