Nostalgia, by Hoda Rostami

By Thursday 31 January 2013 No Comments
Hoda Rostami, a 26 year old Iranian born photographer and Swedish resident, recently showcased a series of controversial photos from Iran which gained a lot of attention. In a recent interview with the Tehran Review, she says:

“I studied in the field of Industrial Design at Mälardalen university in Sweden. I developed my passion for photography by seeing photos from different artists and even cinematography. Whenever I saw a film, the most memorable thing in my mind was not the storyline, but the composition. So in 2009 I bought myself a camera and started to take pictures. Facebook was the only place I shared my photos until I decided to take bigger steps. So being raised in Sweden since when I was really young, I was used to the swedish lifestyle. So to get inspiration I decided to go to somewhere else to gain new perspective. That place was Tehran.

I started taking photos of Tehran and it’s people, the city slowly grew on me. I wanted to showcase this country and the people who live in it in a new way. This photo series tells the stories that for years no one was allowed to tell.