Effects of Migration in Migrant Countries of Origin

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By: Melissa Siegel

What happens when people migrate? This video discusses how mobility can have micro level effects, for example, on the immediate family members or households that an emigrant leaves. On the other end of the spectrum, we will talk about effects at the country or regional level which are also referred to as macro level effects. We can also see effects at the community level in areas where migrants come from. This video is not meant to give an exhaustive list of all of the effects migration can have on a country or place of migrant origin, but to give a general overview of the most common mechanisms and effects of migration in the country or place of origin. Chapters: 0:00​ Introduction 0:32​ Where Effects are Seen 1:22​ Mechanisms That Cause Effects 2:41​ Micro Effects 5:07​ Macro Effects 8:23​ Conclusion * Thank you to Kevin O’Dell for help with this video.

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Melissa Siegel is a Professor of Migration Studies and Head of Migration Studies at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT